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Lego – The Best Toy Ever?

Huge Duplo Model

Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post, I am just genuinely amazed by just how much Annabelle is learning while playing with Lego! She has a lovely stash of Duplo, including letter and number bricks, various animals, people and vehicle bases …

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Snow – Just Enough For A Tiny Snowman!

Snow Fun

This January and February, we finally got some snow! We never had quite enough to get through all the lovely ideas on my Winter Play Pinterest board, but we made sure that we got outside and made the most of it …

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The Annual Amaryllis Race

Amarylis Race

Growing an Amaryllis is one of our favorite wintry activities! Before we had Annabelle, I always used to buy an Amaryllis for my classroom after Christmas. The children loved to watch how fast and tall they grow and see the huge flowers develop. They also provide a …

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And In Other News…

…Annabelle has been baby wearing, catching rain, scraping ice, watching diggers and being an elephant. It’s pretty cool being two years old! A Natural Mama in training! Annabelle has recently become really interested in ‘babies’ and pre-Christmas she loved to …

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Frosty Fun!

Frosty fence!

We have had a pretty mild few weeks, but this was some fun we fad when the temperatures dropped much lower a couple of weeks ago! The first thing that Annabelle noticed when we opened the curtains was how white …

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