About Us


We are a family of 4 from Stockport, and I hope this blog will chart our adventures as our little lovelies grow up. We are a Home Educating family, and we love spending our time together playing, getting out and about, crafting and enjoying gadgets.

There is Me – Ailsa; I used to work as a primary school teacher but I finished work in order to be at home full time with the children. I absolutely love being at home and I know I am very lucky! In the spare time I get, I can often be found with a crochet hook in my hand, drinking coffee, and scrolling my way though Pinterest.

There is Dave, my fabulous husband. Dave is the primary gadget enthusiast and shopaholic bargain hunter! He is also the most generous, caring and thoughtful man you could wish to meet. He is a bowler, HAM radio enthusiast and coder extraordinaire. 🙂

Of course, there is our fabulous Daughter Annabelle. She has grown into a thoughtful, confident, beautiful little maths whiz. This little lady is 7, and she loves (in her own words) “Drama, holidays, dresses, playing with my friends, baking, crafting and street dance.”

George is 3, he is funny, cheeky, headstrong and smart. The kind of smart that lets him get away with all sorts!! In his own words he loves “Playing on the swing and my tablet too. I love my building site, eating sauasage and chips and cheese, and I love fire fighter toys.”

That’s a basic introduction to us, I hope you enjoy the blog!

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