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Personalised Alphabet Book

Annabelle's Alphabet A-B

Here is one of those projects that I have been looking forward to getting on with for ages! Annabelle loves books, and is more and more interested in emergent reading (following the text with her finger and reading aloud what …

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Ten Little Teddy Bears

This feels like a very ‘teachery’ sort of post, but all we did was follow Annabelle’s lead and provide opportunities for her to extend her learning and play. Home ed in a nutshell! Annabelle’s favourite book at the moment is …

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Proud Mummy Moment

This post is an unashamed waffle about just how fabulous our daughter is…indulge me! Annabelle has suddenly started showing an interest in letters, reading and writing, and the Foundation Stage teacher inside me (who I normally try and lock in …

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Our highlights this week

Physics in the park We have been learning about friction, and how lack of friction can greatly improve your slide experiences! Annabelle suited up in her waterproofs and wellies for a wet trip to the park, and she loved how …

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Library Surprises

I am pretty ashamed to admit that my ideas about the library have been proved to be rather out of date! I used to go the library every week when I was younger, and although I enjoyed going, the choice …

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