Our highlights this week

Physics in the park

We have been learning about friction, and how lack of friction can greatly improve your slide experiences! Annabelle suited up in her waterproofs and wellies for a wet trip to the park, and she loved how fast she could go down the slide because it was soaking wet, and she had her super slidy waterproofs on! I warned her that it would be fast, but I think she was a little shocked the first time – then stood up, and ran for the steps shouting ‘more super fast sliding!’.

Daddy Duplo Fun

Look what happens when Daddy and Annabelle have some time on their hands and a whole stack of Duplo!

Monkey train

This is ‘Daddy’s Monkey’s House’. Daddy’s Monkey was a Father’s Day present that Annabelle chose for Dave, and promptly adopted for herself! Inside the house is a special Monkey chair, and lots of space on the roof for the zoo animals! There is even a monkey train for him to ride. I’m not sure who enjoyed this more – Daddy or Annabelle!

Little Miss Clean!

Annabelle loves cleaning, and always asks to help or copy whatever I am doing. Before she could even walk, she had learned to pull the washing out of the machine, put it into the basket and push it into the conservatory, where she would pick each item up, shake it vigorously and drape it on the drying rack! If I wear rubber gloves, Annabelle asks for gloves. If I am using a cloth, Annabelle has her own cloth! Her favourite cleaning jobs are sorting the washing, dusting her toys, cleaning the bath (she usually ends up sopping wet!) and wiping the cupboard doors.

With all the recent rain, our front door has ended up pretty dusty and Annabelle has been telling me for days that it needed cleaning. We eventually had a dry spell and she was so excited when I suggested we could clean it, rushing to the cleaning cupboard telling me she would need gloves, and a cloth!

Clean, clean, cleaning

She was very proud of how clean the door looked afterwards, and she loved tipping the water down the drain to watch it disappear!

Back to the library

As promised, we took Annabelle’s books back to the library this week to choose some new ones. After returning our books on the magic machines, I asked her ‘Do you remember where to go?’ and she launched off in the direction of the children’s section pointing and shouting ‘Over there, books over there, read a book, sitting on sofas, read a book!’ I think she may have been a little excited!

We chose another Charlie and Lola book, and a selection of animal stories, but her favourite thing about the library was definitely testing out all the little chairs, sofas and stools with little lamb at her side!

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