Coloured Ice Balloons

These have been in the freezer for a while, waiting for an outing and at last we had a warm afternoon (after a morning of rain!) to try them out!

We made them by adding food colouring to water before pumping it into water balloons, then put them straight into the freezer. I had an idea that the colour might be a little too strong when our hands were green just from filling to balloons up!

Annabelle kept asking when we could get them out, and I told her when it was a ‘hot day’ we would have a go, so as soon as we got a hint of sun she dashed straight for the drawers for her shorts on and the freezer for her ice! I persuaded her to put some old clothes on to keep her protected from the super-strong food colouring and after slapping on the sunscreen, we set off for the garden to do some melting!

Annabelle started off just having a good look at her ice balloons, seeing if she could see through them, and looking at the swirly patterns. They quickly started melting and we chatted about them melting from ice into water, and how the different colours had mixed together (to make a nice muddy green colour!)

Annabelle asked to get some buckets of water, so we investigated how the ice floats on top if the water, and more chat about the colours mixed together. She sorted the different colour ice into the buckets, mixed them up, and sorted them out again. We ended up with a bucket of green water from the yellow and blue ice, and a pinky-red bucket from yellow and red ice. We did unfortunately discover, that adding a yellow ice balloon to a bucket of water creates a bucket of what looks like..wee wee haha!

The ice balloons lasted for about half an hour in the hot sun, and Annabelle carried on playing with buckets of water for a while, filling them, transferring water back and forth, and her favourite game was pushing a bucket into another full bucket, and watching the water slosh over the sides.

Less food colouring next time!

Annabelle enjoyed the freedom of using the outdoor tap by herself, and she also discovered that if you turn the tap on at just the right amount, the water will splash onto Daddy’s ladders and spray EVERYWHERE! Cue lots of squeals, and shouts of ‘more splashing, more splashing!’

  1. You are two very busy ladies,love the coloured water.

  2. What a clever girl 😛

  3. 🙂 My niece is so clever, and her mum knows some cool games 🙂

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