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Letter Of The Week Basket

Letter Basket - T

Last week, I wrote about Annabelle’s personalised alphabet book that we created to help support her interest in letters and sounds. We have also been using ‘letter of the week’ baskets to help Annabelle tune into the letter sounds. These have …

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Personalised Alphabet Book

Annabelle's Alphabet A-B

Here is one of those projects that I have been looking forward to getting on with for ages! Annabelle loves books, and is more and more interested in emergent reading (following the text with her finger and reading aloud what …

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Before Christmas

Here are a few of our busy little moments from before the Christmas fun and madness began! Movember Annabelle has been supporting Movember! No, she’s not drinking espresso – can you imagine a two year old on caffeine??! Just frothy …

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Making recources accessible

writing kit

For years at school we have been making writing kits, ‘writing to go boxes’, writing stations, and all manner of little packs or spaces to make writing accessible and interesting all around the environment – not just at the ‘writing …

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Proud Mummy Moment

This post is an unashamed waffle about just how fabulous our daughter is…indulge me! Annabelle has suddenly started showing an interest in letters, reading and writing, and the Foundation Stage teacher inside me (who I normally try and lock in …

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