Making recources accessible

For years at school we have been making writing kits, ‘writing to go boxes’, writing stations, and all manner of little packs or spaces to make writing accessible and interesting all around the environment – not just at the ‘writing table’. Since Annabelle has developed an interest in mark-making and writing, I wanted her to have a similar access to interesting materials and enhancements.

There are some great ideas on Pinterest, and I am sure that with lots of money, space and a trip to Ikea we could have gone a lot further, but for now I have made her this file:

writing kit

Inside it there is:

Plain paper

Lined paper

Coloured paper

A notebook (she calls this her ‘list’ because she writes lists just like Mummy!)



A book made from coloured paper

A colouring book

A water colouring book

Sticky notes


writing kit

writing kit

We keep the kit stored on a low shelf in front of her little table, and she also has free access to coloured pencils, wax crayons, stamper pens and a small selection of felt tips which are stored on the shelf above. Annabelle has loved being able to help herself to a variety of papers and pencils, and of course I will add to the kit and change the materials to keep it exciting and relevant to her interests. I try to model writing for different purposes as often as possible, and I explain to her what I am writing and why. She loves to sit next to me and write ‘lists’ in her little notebook, and when finished she will tear off a page and put it in her pocket to take shopping!

I also made tihis little craft box a while ago but it ties in nicely with this post so I thought I would share!

Crafty box

crafty box

We have two of these little boxes that were freebies from pregnancy, and I have been using one for a while as a little stationary kit to keep in the lounge. Since Annabelle’s collection of stationary has kept growing, I decided it was time she had one too! The resources in this box vary depending on what we have been doing together, and what she is enjoying.

I tend to leave resources in her box that will allow her to independently practice the skills from an activity we did together. For example, after we made a ‘tractor collage’ I left shiny paper and glue. After we practiced using cutting strips, I left scissors and paper strips for Annabelle to use on her own. The scissors pictured have plastic blades which are ‘safe’ but pretty tricky to use independently. We have since found some with metal blades that are sharp enough to cut paper easily but rounded and blunt enough not to do any damage!

Annabelle really takes pride in having her own set of materials and tools, and she looks after them really well as a result. I love the way she ‘listens for the click’ when she puts pen lids on, and carefully winds down the glue before replacing the lid. Hopefully this will last!

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