We plan to have an awesome autumn!

Although I enjoy the sunshine of summer, I definitely feel a thrill when Autumn begins to peep around the corner. It is absolutely my favourite season with the promise of colourful landscapes, cooler, fresher air, a huge haul of natural treasures such as conkers and pine cones, and the chance to snuggle up in coats and hats!

We have big plans for this autumn! Now that Annabelle is older (and I have a Pinterest board full of ideas), I feel like we can really get stuck into some natural, outdoorsy autumnal fun. Our autumn adventures began when the weather gave us a firm message that summer is over, and puddle jumping can begin again! We have had a couple of very wet trips to Woodbank park to test out the puddles!

rainy woodbank park stockport

“Come on Mummy!!”

rainy woodbank park stockport

swinging in the rain

Swinging in the rain!

puddle stomping woodbank park stockport

Our favourite puddle ever!

rainy wodbank park stockport

Oops muddy bottom!

When the weather dried out a little we took a picnic and had a good look for signs of autumn. We could feel the cooler air and see a change in the trees with some golden and brown colours creeping in.

woodbank park stockport animal memorial

We love this memorial to “animals killed in service”.

woodbank park stockport

woodbank park stockport picnic

This weekend we made wish lists of autumnal activities we would like to do. I know lots of people make seasonal ‘bucket lists’ but I prefer the term ‘wish list’ – bucket list seams very ‘final’, as though it is a failure if we don’t achieve everything. I think ‘wish list’ sounds a lot more positive, and each item achieved is a little extra bonus!

My wish list is full of classic favourites, original ideas and of course some great ideas from Pinterest! Annabelle’s list is mostly based around glitter, sparkles, lots of glue and a slug!

Autumn wish list toddler

Annabelle’s wish list

So far, my wish list includes:

  • Leaf prints in paint
  • Leaf prints in salt dough
  • Mandalas
  • Twig print trees with thumb print leaves
  • Treasure hunting for natural goodies
  • Leaf colour sorting
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Firework pictures using chalk, spin art, paint flicking, and coloured bubbles
  • Leaf kicking
  • Making soup and bread
  • Pine cone people
  • Woodland walks

Right, enough list making – let’s go and collect those leaves and make some art!!

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