Surprise trip to York

It has taken a while to get around to blogging about this (I have a bit of a backlog!!) but we had a lovely trip to York back in August, so here is our adventure!

The fabulous Mr Almond organised this as a surprise trip for our 3rd wedding anniversary (along with lots of other wonderful gifts!) – what a romantic!

Annabelle loves going away and she was very excited about going on ‘oliday to an ‘otel!

We arrived in strange weather – sunny one minute, downpour the next, then back to sunny which lead to this conversation:

“Did you pack the waterproof coats?”


“Have we got the sun cream and hats?”


“Are Annabelle’s wellies in the back?”

“Oh yes!”

“And the umberellas?”


“And sunglasses?”


York rain

First glimpse of the Hotel through the rain!

We checked into our gorgeous hotel, The Royal York Hotel, and we were in for another lovely surprise in our room – chocolates, Champagne, and strawberries! What a lucky lady I am! Dave and I had a small glass (it was only lunch time!!) and Annabelle tucked into the strawberries.

Royal York Hotel

Annabelle checking it out as Dave checked in!

Royal york hotel

“I don’t want this, give me strawberries!”

“That’s better!”


We walked into York through the lovely hotel gardens, had some lunch and set off for an explore around the lovely ancient town…until the rain set in! This was rain like you only see once or twice a year, and we had decided not to lug the umberella around because it was fine and sunny when we left the hotel! We dashed to poundland and bought some emergency umberellas!

Boo, I see you!

The wheel in the hotel gardens (in the sunshine!)

York rain


york rain

Lots of rain!!

In the evening we had another special treat from Dave – a river cruise through the city. Annabelle and Monkey had a lovely time on their ‘boat ride’ and she has since treated all her little people to boat rides at home in any little box or tub she can find!

beautiful evening on the river!

After our lovely day, we walked back to the hotel and Annabelle chatted about how she would go to sleep in the hotel bed, brush her teeth in the hotel bathroom, drink some hotel water, have a wee on the hotel toilet…you get the idea!

In the morning, we had a lovely breakfast before heading off in search of some trainspotting fun at the National Railway Museum. Our hotel was right next door to York train station, which is next door to the museum so it was incredibly easy to get to. We stopped a little while at the station to watch some trains (and Dave explained the difference between diesel and electric trains to Annabelle!) and shelter from yet another crazy rainstorm complete with thunder and lightning.

At the museum we saw a whole host of trains old and new including a Japanese bullet train, the flying scotsman in restoration, steam engines, and Annabelle’s favourite – the 50p Thomas the tank engine ride!!

national railway museum

Dave explaining pistons!

whizzing along on a bullet train!

channel tunnel

national railway museum

platform 9 3/4!!

national railway museum

Steam train ride

After a long day messing about on trains, we put a very tired girl in the car and set off for the next stop – Leeds to Meet Grandma and Grandad (and assorted family friends!!) for a meal where Annabelle kept everyone entertained by showing off Dora and retelling our adventures in York!

Annabelle entertaining Jen, Grandma and pals

We all had a fabulous time, so thank you very very much to the wonderful Mr Almond. Happy 3 Year Anniversary! xxx


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