Frosty Fun!

We have had a pretty mild few weeks, but this was some fun we fad when the temperatures dropped much lower a couple of weeks ago!

The first thing that Annabelle noticed when we opened the curtains was how white the grass looked, and when I told her it would be crunchy and hard, she couldn’t wait to get out and play!

Our first job was to have a good old stamp on the grass to hear it crunching and see our footprints. We also experimented with melting the frost on blades of grass with our fingers or our breath.

Frost grass stamping

STAMP! Stamp! Stamp!

Frosty Garden

The leaves are crunchy too!

Our next job was to break some of the ice on the bird bath (which is actually our fire basket with it’s winter cover!!) so that the birds could get a drink. This was definitely Annabelle’s favorite task as she got to whack the ice as hard as she could with her spade!

Breaking the ice.

Frosty fence

We loved this icy pattern on the fence post.

Frosty fence!

My new favourite picture!

We also found some big pieces of ice on top of our storage boxes that we had a good look at – of course, they got smashed into tiny pieces in the end!

Ice Play

Can you see the bubbles?

Ice Play

Can I whack it now?!

Annabelle left a flower pot full of stones out on top of a fence post, and the next day she was fascinated by the frost all over it.

Frosty Pot

Look what we found underneath the pot!

Look what we found underneath the pot!

Annabelle just loved how thick the frost was on the table, and got herself a stick to ‘draw’ on it.

Frosty Writing.

Frosty Writing.

The next time that I am worrying about number formation or letter recognition, I am going to remember this post and how much fun we had experiencing and learning about real life!

  1. David Sutherland.

    Reminds me of the gol,f course on a frosty morning.

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