And In Other News…

…Annabelle has been baby wearing, catching rain, scraping ice, watching diggers and being an elephant. It’s pretty cool being two years old!

A Natural Mama in training!

Annabelle has recently become really interested in ‘babies’ and pre-Christmas she loved to look after her teddies or monkey. She was given two baby dolls for Christmas (one from each Grandma of course!) which has really fueled her interest.

She loves to lie down with her babies to help them to sleep, saying “It’s OK my love, I’m here, night night now, it’s OK . She will also pretend to breastfeed, and loves to wear her baby “wrapped up” just like she was as a baby. The Natural Mamas would be proud!

Baby Wearing

Baby all snuggled up.


Catching the rain

Catch the rain

Yes it’s been a wet winter, but Annabelle has been making the most of it, trying to catch some rain for herself!


I’m an elephant!

Auntie Sharon bought Annabelle an animal mask craft kit which she loves! Here she is being an elephant, whilst on the phone to Grandma. Busy busy!

Grandma I'm an elephant!

Grandma I’m an elephant!


Mummy’s little shadow!

Of course, Annabelle loves to do all the jobs and tasks that Mummy and Daddy do including scraping the icy cars in the morning.

Scraping the frosty car!

She has her own scraper, but she is in charge of using the spongy side to ‘scrape the doors’!


Diggers on our drive!

Like most youngsters, Annabelle loves diggers, tractors and trucks so it was an exciting day when a great big lorry and digger turned up on our drive!

Watching the lorry tipping.

Watching the lorry tipping.

We were having some work done on the driveway in preparation for a new ‘smart meter’  (which is currently telling us that we are using far too much energy!) but I think the workmen were a little unnerved to have Annabelle hovering only inches away watching their every move!

It's so close Mummy!

It’s so close Mummy!


And I found this…

A little extra decoration!

A little extra decoration!

Annabelle put these snowmen up herself at Christmas time, so she knew where to find the blu-tac and how to stick things with it. One day I sat down on the sofa and realised that there was a little extra decoration behind me! She has since been experimenting with just how much you can stick with blu-tac. The results –

HappyLand girl – will stick.

Photos – will stick.

Lego – will stick.

Trains – will not stick!

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    Hope all the work is worth it.

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