Just the way we roll!

Shoe Garage

I don’t have any pictures of our recent activities to share just yet (must find time to sit down to sort and process them soon!!) so here is a funny little look at things that seem completely normal now in our house!

  • Why is our washing in a pile on the floor?
  • Because the washing basket is full of stones for the toy bunny rabbit to eat.
  • Why is there a Lego car in Daddy’s shoe?
  • It’s not a shoe, it’s a garage.
  • Why do I automatically jump over the bottom step?
  • Because it is usually full of assorted babies and teddies (with a little gap for Annabelle to join them!).
  • Why are my tea towels never in the kitchen?
  • Because the babies were cold/tired/wanted to hide!
  • Why is there a collection of plastic cups and watering cans on the lawn?
  • Because we are collecting the snow.
  • Annabelle shall we walk to the library?
  • No Mummy, but you can walk and I will ‘Gangnam Style’ all the way.
  • Where is the remote to switch on the lights?
  • Ask Annabelle!
  • Where are all my plastic tubs?
  • I don’t know, but there is a rather large armada of boats for the little people in the lounge.
  • Why are Annabelle’s pockets full of rubbish?
  • Because she can’t possibly put it in the bin at home, it needs to go in the orange bin at Sainsbury’s.
  • Why is this kitchen drawer full of shaving foam, hair gel, salt and glitter?
  • Because it’s our sensory play supply drawer!
  • Can I have some teaspoons Annabelle?
  • No Mummy. They are having a ride.
  • Can I have the mixing bowl Annabelle?
  • No Mummy. The teaspoons are riding in it.
  • Why is the doorstep covered with leaves Annabelle?
  • They are for Daddy when he gets home!
  • Can I get into the bathroom to get ready please?
  • No, Big Baby is on holiday (and every toy I own is neatly arranged on the bathroom floor!)
  • Shall we get going to the shops?
  • No we can’t, I’m busy jumping.
  • Why are all the tissues in a pile on the floor?
  • I got them all ready in case you need a tissue Mummy.

And my new favourite:

  • Why are your socks on the door handles?
  • Because I put them there.

Just the way we roll

Life with an Annabelle rocks!!

  1. So funny, see how boring life was before Annabelle. Have you ever thought about writing a book something like “Annabelle’s World”.

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