Snow – Just Enough For A Tiny Snowman!

This January and February, we finally got some snow! We never had quite enough to get through all the lovely ideas on my Winter Play Pinterest board, but we made sure that we got outside and made the most of it while it lasted!

We only had a ‘dusting’ of the white stuff but we still managed to scrunch it, stamp on it, scoop it, stash it, tip it, melt it, throw it, mould it, squash it, watch it, poke it and dig it!

Toddler snow fun

First job-check how much snow was in the cup she left out!

Toddler Snow Fun.

Next job…throw it at Mummy!

Toddler Snow Fun

Of course, we built a tiny snowman!

Scary Snowman

Ta Dah! Our slightly menacing tiny snowman.

Toddler Snow Fun

Spades are not just for sand in summer!

Toddler Snow Fun

Now where is my bucket, it needs to be full of snow!

We walked to our library in the snow and enjoyed stamping along and making footprints. Annabelle was fascinated to find our trail of footprints was still there when we came back out – we tried to follow them as much as we could, and she kept looking back to see if we had left new footprints. She laughed a lot at how big my footprints are!

Cold Day At The Library!

Warming up at the Library.

When we got home again, we went straight to the coffee machine for our favourite drinks – coffee for me, babyccino for Annabelle. I turned all ‘barista’ and had a go with my new coffee stencils (a Christmas sale bargain!)

Coffee Stencil


I am hoping we will get a bit more ‘propper’ snow before winter is over – we still haven’t had chance to paint the snow like the Happy Hooligans in Canada, or have some cheeky fun like the Magical Childhood family in Minnesota. Fingers crossed!





  1. David Sutherland.

    Was the snow today,!!

  2. How exciting! We have had so much snow lately here in Maine in the US and more is on its way today… You and I have similar blog names – I look forward to following yours 🙂

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