Lego – The Best Toy Ever?

Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post, I am just genuinely amazed by just how much Annabelle is learning while playing with Lego!

She has a lovely stash of Duplo, including letter and number bricks, various animals, people and vehicle bases that she plays with independently or with us. We saved and laminated all the books of ideas that come with each box of Duplo so we use those as inspiration, and one day I will get around to making one of these home-made Duplo books from Kid’s Activities Blog for her to copy too!

Duplo Swimming Pool

The polar bear and giraffe swimming pool that we made.

Huge Duplo Model

Daddy And Annabelle Made This!

Huge Duplo Model

Mummy and Annabelle made this (it was huge!)

Duplo Track

This is quite simply ‘A Track’

Amarylis Race

We also used Duplos to measure our super tall Amarylis.

Duplo is not just for building though – we recently used our Duplo bricks as a unit to measure our winter Amarylis.

Recently Annabelle has also started helping Daddy with his Lego projects and it is lovely to watch! She sits calmly with her Lego tray on her lap, and knows exactly what to do – first she sorts the pieces by colour, then she makes the Lego figures, then she puts the tyres on the wheels. Following the instructions has been  great lesson in patience and concentration for her. She carefully matches each piece to the picture and counts the studs to check if it is the right one, then helps Daddy click it into the right place.

Toddler Lego Sotring

She sorted these all by herself!

Daddy and Daughter Lego

Following the instructions together.

We bought a ‘Lego Friends Brickmaster’ book to play with and she has loved this. The book has a story about two characters, and for each chapter there are instructions on how to build the models to act out the story. Annabelle just loves small world play and story telling so this is perfect for her!

Lego Friends

Here she is busy sitting ‘Mia’ on her chair to have a cup of tea!

Lego Friends

Drink Up!

I now understand why so many home educating families talk so highly of Lego – it holds so many possibilities beyond just designing and building. Also, it gives Dave a chance to indulge his Lego addiction!

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