New Year Interview

Happy New Year!  I normally only edit posts and sort out pictures, but I thought I’d have a go at posting too … now my lovely wife can get her red pen out and do the editing for a change! 🙂

With another year gone again already, Ailsa and I found ourselves looking back at the videos of Annabelle’s first and second Christmas day experiences and being amazed at just how much she has developed in a relatively short space of time.  We love to capture as many videos, photos and other ‘memory linked’ items (paintings/drawings etc) so we can look back on them infrequently and most importantly so we can share Annabelle’s own history with her as she develops and grows.

So a fab idea, I thought, of Ailsa’s, was to put together a ‘New Year Interview’ form that allows us to take a snapshot of Annabelle’s likes/dislikes/recent learning etc and look back on it in the future alongside photos, videos and so on … a fully featured multimedia history experience if you will!  I’ve attached a copy of the template Ailsa put together to this post if you’d like to use it too.

We plan to scan the completed form in to a digital copy and stick the original in a scrapbook for Annabelle … I can see us doing this more frequently than once a year but even if it is only annual, it’ll give a nice profile of her development to look back on.  I also think it would be nice for Ailsa and I to fill in forms too so we can see how we have developed as a family … in fact I think I’ll suggest that now … bye for now!

You can download a copy of Ailsa’s template here:


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