Funny Felt Pumpkin Faces

I managed to consolidate the title down from ‘home made fuzzy felt silly pumpkin faces’ quite an improvement I think!

Anyway, today’s post is all about these very cute little pumpkin faces we made using felt sheets. This activity required a little preparation but it didn’t take long at all. In fact, I sat and cut out the pumpkins, stalks, and black shapes while Annabelle finished her breakfast! I made lots of different shapes to talk about and play with including regular shapes such as triangles, circles, squares and rectangles as well as smiles, toothy grins etc. I also added some googly eyes as an option because they are just so cute!

felt pumpkin faces craft

Funny felt faces!

To start with, we just played around with placing the different pieces on the ‘pumpkins’ and talked about the shapes, the size, where to put them, which feature they represented, and how to make the mouths happy or sad. Annabelle wanted to make lots of her pumpkin faces sad!

After a play we started glueing the pieces onto the pumpkins using our good old small bottles of PVA glue.

felt pumpkin faces craft

These are the first four finished faces!

My favourite has to be the Frankenstein inspired pumpkin with one square eye and one round eye!

We have since made some more, and we have exciting plans for how to use these funny faces. More to come about that soon!

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