September Moments

Here are some of our little moments from this month.

Late Night Moments

We went to the Lowry Outlet Mall at Salford Quays after work one night recently. After some shopping and tea, we went for a wander along the quays and an ogle at the newly completed BBC site at Media City. Despite having a good look, we sadly didn’t see Mr Tumble or any of the other Cbeebies crew. It was probably well past their bedtime!

Salford Quays - Media City

Salford Quays – Media City


Shopping Moments

Why can’t all shopping trolleys be this fun?! Annabelle had an absolute ball at Tesco in this fab trolley. Shame they don’t have them at our local Tesco!

Tesco shopping trolley


Busy Moments

Annabelle has been busy practicing her scissor skills! I didn’t manage to get a picture of her in action, but this is what she has been up to.

scissor skills

Snip, snip!

I made these cutting strips for her with some of her favourite book and TV characters. and some with her name. We put them in her crafty box with some scissors for her to use independently.


Sweet Moments

I have recently been organising and updating Our wedding/honeymoon/pregnancy/baby scrapbooks (we had a busy few years so it’s hard to separate!!) and I found some of Annabelle’s first clothes. She was born a few weeks early, and weighed 3lbs 15oz (1.79kg) so her first clothes were tiny. We donated most of her preemie clothes to the Neonatal unit at Stepping Hill Hospital, but we kept a few for sentimental reasons!

But it’s so tiny!

What a difference 2 years makes!

Annabelle found these and immediately asked if they were the clothes that she wore as a baby (she loves looking at her own baby pictures!) and was absolutely fascinated by the idea that she was once small enough to fit in them!


Marple Moments

As any regular reader may have noticed, we are rather fond of Brabyns Park in Marple. We love the little duck pond at Brabyns, but over summer it became clogged up with weeds and algae and the ducks deserted it, so one Sunday we had a stroll up to the canal in Marple in search of ducks. There is a set of 16 locks in Marple that raise the water an incredible 63 metres over 1 mile. They are obviously very steep, and it is fascinating to watch the narrow boats come through.

Marple canal

Found the ducks!

Marple top lock

Marple top lock

We are pleased to report that we did indeed find where all the ducks were hiding, and even better, they are now back at the pond in the park. Good times!


Funny Moments!

This may not mean a lot unless you are a viewer of ‘Something Special’ on Cbeebies, but Annabelle is being Cliff Tumble! Mr Tumble is her absolute favourite character, and she loves to sign along with the show. This ‘dress up kit’ was on the back of her Something Special magazine, and she couldn’t wait to cut it out and try it on!

Cliff Tumble!




  1. Wow I love the tescos trolley, does it come in adult size :mrgreen:

    It is amazing to see how much annabelle has grown, it must be all the fresh air and exciting adventures she has. 😀

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