Slide and splash!!

The ultimate summer fun? Put the paddling pool at the bottom of the slide…perfect!!

Since the sun came out we have managed to get the slide, water, or sand out most days which Annabelle has been delighted about! Today’s fun was all about making some big splashes so we put the bottom of the slide into the paddling pool. At first, Annabelle wasn’t sure about this, but she let teddy have the first go, and soon saw that it would be fun!

She had a great time whizzing down and dashing back for another go, testing out all her different toys, and splashing Mummy!


At some point, she decided to try to go down backwards! It took her a while to work out how to turn around at the top of the steps, but she soon got the hang of it and refused to go forwards anymore, shouting ‘faster backwards, faster!’

Backwards? Yes!


Biiig splash!

And again…

…And again!

This has been our favourite summery garden activity so far, but we also enjoyed snuggling up on the sofa in a towel drying off and warming up!


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