Recycle, upcycle, repurpose…

… Whatever you call it, we took some old plates and made them better!!

It was time to get rid of these old plates as the glaze had cracked. We had some little pots of acrylic paint left from some little Mother’s Day vases dave and Annabelle made for me, so I knew it would work well on top of the glazed plates.

I put some paint in the little palette and showed Annabelle how to use a bit, then wash her brush if she wanted a new colour – but of course, it wasn’t long before it was just a big black mush!

I encouraged Annabelle to tell me what she was going to paint, and described what I was painting, and why I was choosing particular colours. She made a picture of Daddy, a star and a bouncy ball.


‘Bouncy ball’

‘A star’

See, much better than before! All that fun with some left over paint and plates that would have gone in the bin – very green!

  1. Is this the new Turner or Lowry.

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