Feet in the paint

Yes, you can put your feet in the paint!

This activity started out as an invitation to explore tractor wheel patterns with paint. As Annabelle really enjoyed making tracks in the playdough with the her tractors, I thought it would be fun to get the paint out and make some patterns with the wheels.

Invitation to explore patterns

I collected up a selection of Annabelle’s cars and tractors with different tyres, and she chose blue and purple paint. I put some paint in dishes, and some on a plate so we could explore mixing the colours together. I used paper table covers from Sainsbury’s as they were only about £1 for 4 sheets.

This would have worked really well on paving slabs or a concrete path in the garden…but we don’t have either, only stones, so we went on the grass and I put one of our plastic shower curtains down with the paper on top. Annabelle filled up some buckets ready for washing hands or cars!

Collecting water

We started out with the tractors and cars and Annabelle quickly got the hang of loading them up with paint and ‘driving’ them across the paper.

Tractor tracks

Washing the wheels

Pretty soon, It was time to get hands and feet in the paint! I think this would have been easier on a flatter surface, as the grass under the paper was really long and springy so the paper ripped a bit but it didn’t put Annabelle off one bit! She started off with feet, then got her hands in too!

Purple foot!


My favourite picture!

Another favourite!

Getting cleaned up

Knees too? Why not.

We had almost as much fun back inside cleaning the cars (and ourselves!) Every day should be this messy!

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