Tiny harvest

I have a confession – the inspiration for this was a happy meal toy. Yes we go to McDonalds occasionaly but no chips for Annabelle (waaay too salty!) just chicken nuggets, fruit bag and water. Ok, guilt over, on with some growing!

This little mini garden kit came with cress seeds in a thin papery bag that we just dropped into the box and added water to. I showed Annabelle a picture of how the cress would look when it grew, and we watered the seeds. She spent the rest of that day popping over to her desk to check if the seeds were growing yet! The joy of cress is just how quickly it grows, so by the next morning there were at least some shoots to see.


I told Annabelle that when the cress was ready, we would wash it, then put it in a sandwich and eat it which she was very excited about. Once it started to grow, she reminded me every time we had a look at it that we would need to wash it then eat it! When the cress was ready, we took it to the kitchen for harvesting! Annabelle used some plastic scissors to cut the cress which worked fine. We boiled some eggs and made egg and cress sandwiches.

It was nice for Annabelle see the process of growing something from scratch. Almost enough to make me think about planting some veg outside…then I remembered my pretty awful track record with plants. I think we’ll stick to cress for now!


  1. Its a long time since i had a good egg sandwich.

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