Look what we found

We stumbled upon this little place up in the hills, in the middle of nowhere this weekend!

We were out for a drive, hoping to stop somewhere for a walk if the wind and rain eased, and we passed a pub called The Grouse with a sign in the carpark saying ‘Children’s Farm’. Dave turned around, and we got out to have a look.

The views up here over the Peak District and High Peak were lovely, and if the weather was better I am sure we would have lingered a little while longer. As it was, we wrapped up and braced the weather to see what we would find. The Grouse is a country pub with the little children’s farm at the back, and a farm shop inside. There was also a little playground but it was far too windy and wet to explore this so we headed straight round the back to see the animals.

First up were these pigs, and a charming shot of the pale pig doing a wee, that the back pig is merrily drinking. Lovely!

We also saw a variety of chickens, ducks and geese, some rabbits, doves, and sheep. These animals certainly enjoy some beautiful scenery!

All in all, this place was a nice surprise and would be an interesting place to spend an hour or so on a better day!

  1. Hope Annabelle liked the rabbits and the pigges.

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