Ants in our pants!

This week we didn’t sit still, we have been out and about all over the place!

Drain Spotting

One of Annabelle’s favourite pastimes when we are out is having a good, long look down the drains to see if they have water or mud at the bottom! When we are outside in the garden, she goes straight to the drain at the side of the house to see if there is water coming out of the pipe from the dishwasher and washing machine! After yet more rain, Annabelle had plenty of opportunities for some drain spotting outside this week!


Monkey Scooting

Annabelle has been practising her scooting skills in the park again, and monkey came along too! She pushed him along on the scooter, and when he fell off, she picked him up and kissed it better! She loves having a little friend with her wherever we go. Sometimes her HappyLand people, sometimes monkey, often Dee – a little cloth doll, but there is always someone to come along to the toilet, go to bed with and help play her games. When she knows we are going somewhere (especially when we are going to Grandma’s house) she will pack a bag, crammed full of little friends, and leave it by the door ready to go.


Preston fun

Dave had to spend a day in Preston for work, so Annabelle and I tagged along for a day out. We dropped Dave off (or rather, Dave dropped himself off, and I hopped into the driver’s seat for the short journeys!!) and went in search of breakfast. Annabelle enjoyed her first Babyccino, and a massive junior breakfast.

She needed her energy as we spent an impressive 3 hours at a local soft play centre! I didn’t set this time limit, I just let her play until she was ready to finish. We went to Rascals at the Capitol Centre and had a great time. I looked online for a soft play centre (we were hoping to spend most of the day around Avenham park but the weather put paid to that!) and this looked the best. We arrived just after opening time, and it was already pretty busy which is a good sign! Annabelle explored the big bank of rocking horses and push cars first, then ventured into the toddler area with a small slide she could climb by herself.

Once her confidence was high, we went to find the ‘big slide!’ The large play frame had lots of hidden surprises such as pods to peep out from up high, trampolines, a football pitch up on the top level and even a go-kart track (which costs extra to go on).

I love watching how confident Annabelle is exploring these places, and if her legs were just a little longer, I’m sure she would be up at the top all by herself!

Old friends

We visited an old favourite this week…Annabelle’s friend, the dog in a hat, and his friend the dog in sunglasses!

Next week it looks like the sun will be shining, so hopefully we can be back in the garden getting messy!

  1. And agood day was had by all(i hope).

  2. Jacquie Miller

    😛 Grandma loves to see who she’d brought to visit
    Annabelle is amazing. Xxc

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