Sweet potato brownies

I saw this recipe for sweet potato brownies in the current issue (#47) of The Green Parent Magazine and thought ‘yes, we need to try this’. As I have mentioned before we try not to give Annabelle sugar (apart from fruit) and we are trying to eat healthier as a family, so the idea of brownies without the sugar and other badness sounded pretty good! They are chocolatey but made with a little pure cocoa (no added sugar) instead of chocolate. I was slightly dubious about how well they would turn out as our sugar free birthday cake wasn’t brilliant, but I trust the Green Parent much more than I trust the website where I found sugar free cake recipes so I was hopeful!

The recipe suggests ‘rice malt syrup’ as the alternative to sugar but try as I might, I couldn’t find this so we went for sweet freedom syrup which is made from fruit and it turned out pretty well I think.

Annabelle was delighted to be able to help mash the sweet potatoes, as she has had a fascination with the masher for a long time, but I tend to use a potato ricer for making mash so she hasn’t seen it being put to use before!

The end result had mixed reviews. They looked like brownies. They smelt like brownies. Did they taste like brownies? Not exactly, but I liked them! They are defiantly gooey and sticky like a brownie should be but as Dave pointed out, the top isn’t crunchy (that could be my fault for putting them in a box whilst still warm). They don’t taste of sweet potato but they are sweet enough and chocolatey enough to feel like a treat.

Dave and Annabelle were not very impressed, Annabelle asked for fruit instead! So if I make them again, I might try them on a different audience!

  1. Just not up to Annabelles standards,have another go mum.(Thanks for the card).

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