Evening walks

We have promised ourselves that we will get out more in the evenings while we have the lighter summer nights and it has been lovely exploring our local parks together and getting more fresh air. We have had a fair amount of rain this week so Annabelle has had lots of opportunities to get her wellies on (and even her wetsuit on Thursday!) and do some puddle stomping!

We seem to end up carrying Annabelle towards the end of our walks as she gets tired (we put the pushchair up in the loft 6 months ago after realising that we just didn’t use it anymore!) I would love it if I could still carry her in my Moby wrap, but she just doesn’t want to be up on my back or wrapped up any more. I used to use my wraps constantly when she was younger and I can not recommend baby wearing highly enough, but for now, we need a new method of toddler transport so we decided to see if she would like a scooter. After trying out a few in Halfords, the answer was defnitely yes! We have been hearing the phrase “More ooting, More ooting!” a lot this week!

Since Annabelle got her scooter, we have become very aware of just how bumpy the paths seem to have suddenly become in our parks!! We are still looking for the holy grail – a park with smooth paths for scooting, a nice playground, ducks to feed, and attractive grounds to walk around.

Hopefully we can dig our bikes out of the shed soon and spread our wings a bit further.

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