Milkshake moustaches

Last weekend when we were in Buxton for my Birthday, Dave and I had some yummy milkshakes, but we didn’t let Annabelle have very much as we didn’t know how much sugar was in them. So I decided that we should make our own at home and she could choose her own flavours and mix it up with no nasties!

I asked Annabelle what flavour she would like to make and she decided on banana (just like Daddy!) and strawberries.

I showed her all the ingredients we would need, and explained that she would need to help me cut up the fruit. She was very excited about this as she loves using her knife at mealtimes, or to cut playdough.

Annabelle loved using a big knife (a very round, blunt knife!!) to cut the bananas and strawberries. She soon got the hang of holding the fruit still, and keeping the knife away from her fingers.

We headed back to the kitchen to put all the ingredients in the blender, of course, Annabelle helped scoop a little ice cream and pour in the milk! We used Frank’s Diabetic Vanilla ice cream because it doesn’t have sugar or artificial sweeteners. So we popped it all in the blender, whizzed it up and…tada! Milkshakes!

Now for the fun part, milkshake moustaches!

Annabelle definitely approved of her creation, although next time I think we’ll add more ice (to make more of a smoothie than a milkshake) as this was really thick and a bit of a meal in itself, but still yummy!


  1. Looks very yummy mum loves the photos.

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