Water Balloons

What to do with a spare half hour on a sunny evening? Get the water balloons out! Dave had picked up a big tub of water balloons in Home Bargains, and Annabelle was really looking forward to getting her hands on them. (She loves balloons and she loves water – a good combination!) So after a warm afternoon at the shops, I had no problem in saying ‘yes, we can play with the water balloons!’

We got a tub of water and sat out on the back step on a comfy old patchwork mat (thanks to my clever quilting Mum!) Annabelle was fascinated with the little green pump, but she found it tricky to hold the pump in the water whilst squeezing. She was happy for me to hold the pump in place and help her squeeze it to fill the balloons with water.

Annabelle really enjoyed squeezing and squidging the water balloons, and soon learned what would happen if she squeezed too hard!

This balloon had a tiny hole in, so became a fantastic squirter – guess who got wet?? Annabelle loved watching the water squirt everywhere!

Of course, Annabelle had no intention of following my grown-up idea of how this activity would go, and she spent a good 10 minutes filling the tub with stones from the garden and swooshing them round in the water! Never mind, she had a ball!

We used about 20 water balloons, so only 280 to go. Hope the sunshine comes back again soon!

  1. I hope Annabelle has as much fun with the next 280 balloons.

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