Milking cows and hunting snails

Our highlights of the week this week included – milking some cows in the garden, hunting snails, and some very illusive ducks at the park!

Milking Cows

After eating lunch outside one day (it wasn’t quite as sunny as last week but at least it wasn’t raining!) Annabelle brought her farm toys out to play with on the grass. They looked great in the grass – just how a farm should be! She loved giving all the animals real grass to eat, and pushing her tractors round the bumpy lawn and over the noisy stones! She has a little milk wagon and some milk urns, and decided to milk the cows. I love the way she turns the cows upside down to find the udders, and then ‘pours’ milk from the cows into the urns! The Mummy cow also fed all of the other animals with her ‘milkies’ – she is one busy lady!

Snail Hunting

On a walk to the post box this week, we discovered just how many snails come out after the rain! And Annabelle also discovered that they don’t like it when you poke their shells a bit too roughly. She loved stopping at every driveway to look for snails and to watch them eating leaves and grass. Our 5 minute walk to the post box may have taken nearly 30 minutes but she had a great time and I am glad I had the time to say ‘yes, you can stop and watch the snails!’

Debdale park

We popped out to do a few errands one morning, and I took some bread with us, hoping to find a park with some ducks! When we had finished, I realised that we were pretty near Debdale Park which we had visited once before with friends. I knew there was a reservoir there so I was hopeful that we might find some ducks. We walked through the lovely trees and gardens, a rose garden, and community orchard and found the children’s play area (but still no ducks!). Annabelle set off to explore the swings, slide and very fast roundabout!

When she was finished playing we wandered off in the direction where I had caught a glimpse of water, although it soon became clear that we weren’t going to get close to the water due to a large fence and wide bank between us and the reservoir! I persuaded Annabelle to leave her bread for the birds instead of ducks and she happily dumped the whole lot in a little pile.

She spent the walk back to the car shouting at all the birds “birds, bread over there! Eat bread!”



  1. That lovely yellow tree is a laburnum (i only know the name as we have six of them at the golf club)Annabelle looked to be enjoying herself.

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