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Finger-Print Thank You Cards

Finger Print Cards

After Annabelle’s Birthday, we set about making some thank you cards. After a little search on Pinterest¬†¬†we decided to try some fingerprint flowers! Annabelle chose various coloured paints, and she simply placed a few finger prints on each card to …

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Twig print autumnal trees

The last of our autumnal crafts! We have really enjoyed all our autumnal fun this year, and I saved this activity until last to make sure that Annabelle had had plenty of experience of the changing colours on the trees, …

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Goodbye, Good Luck, Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon!

It seems to be the season for celebrations, commiserations and thoughts for others at the moment, so we made some handmade cards for our friends. Three of my lovely colleagues at school are moving on to new jobs, little Lucy …

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