Construction Site Small World Play – For Boys, Girls And Fairies.

Like most small people, Annabelle is fascinated with lorries, mixer trucks, diggers, and construction sites in general. We often go out of our way to watch roadworks and woe betide any workmen turn up in our street – just the other week we stood right next to a poor guy down a hole while Annabelle asked loudly “What is that man doing, how did he get down there, how will he get out, where is the other man going, what if he forgot his ladder, what’s that for, what is he doing now…?”

We came home and had a rummage through the vehicle drawer and she set up her own little site.

Small World Construction Site

The Site


Construction Site Small World

The Office, where the workers go to make phone calls and have a cup of coffee!


Construction Site Small World

Queueing For The Car Park


Small World Construction Site

Time To Wash The Mucky Digger! (Fairies can work at building sites too!)

Annabelle set this all up herself and spent all afternoon playing with all the different characters, lining up all the vehicles to get into the site, parking them, collecting rocks, dropping them off, building towers, making phone calls in the office, and giving her workers a break and cup of coffee!

Obviously it goes without saying that construction and vehicle play is not just for boys – all that talk, thinking, rehearsing and exploring is preparing our little engineer for the future!

  1. David Sutherland.

    I would loved to have seen Annabelle looking down the hole with the workmen in it (typical inquisitive lady).

  2. That’s my girl, never stop being inquisitive 😉

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