Keeping Safe, Keeping Warm and Keeping Busy!

Here are a few little moments of play from the last few weeks!

Keeping safe

Annabelle’s pride and joy is her new high-visibility jacket. She loves to talk about why the ‘Bin Men’ wear their hi-vis clothes, and sometimes we see railway engineers from the railway bridge wearing their bright orange outfits and we talk about how they wear them to keep safe. Annabelle calls her jacket her ‘keeping safe jacket’ or ‘bin jacket’ depending on what job we are doing!

If we go to the supermarket or for a walk, she will wear her ‘keeping safe jacket. If we go out to the bins with recycling, or stand in the window to watch the bin men, she needs her ‘bin jacket’.

Recycling Time!

If she is playing with her recycling truck, she needs her ‘bin jacket’!


Keeping Warm

We wrapped up warm and took a trip to a very frozen Woodbank park. Annabelle loved exploring the icy puddles and being able to walk on the frozen solid mud patches that she normally avoids!

Frozen Puddles

We took some bread to feed the ducks and birds, and despite realising that the duck pond was frozen, she still insisted that we should throw some bread onto the ice for the ducks. This led to much frustration for the poor ducks skidding about on the ice! I eventually persuaded Annabelle to give the ducks a break and throw  some bread on the grass instead!

Frozen Duck Pond

Laughing at the ducks!


Keeping Busy

Mummy and Daddy have been busy doing some decorating over the past few weeks, so of course our little helper has been joining in too! Annabelle has been allocated a corner of the bedroom (Where the wardrobe will be going!!) and a set of rollers and brushes and she has had a great time. Her favourite thing about painting was that we all got to wear ‘scruffs’ that we could get as dirty as we wanted!!

Busy Little Apprentice!

Busy Little Apprentice!


In between all the painting, we have been busy building mammoth Brio train tracks!

Brio City

Brio City (and that was just getting started!)

I love making complicated twisty, turning tracks and Annabelle loves discovering all the routes her trains can take. Perfect to keep us busy for an afternoon!


Keeping Grandad Busy!

 A tower of shoppers!

We took Grandma and Grandad shopping at the Trafford Centre recently, and Annabelle let Grandad give her a ride on his shoulders (Grandad didn’t need much persuading!) Of course, Annabelle had to give teddy a ride up on her shoulders too!

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    A tall dark ,very HANDSOME grandad.

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