Winter Water Play

I have been working hard on saying ‘yes’ some more lately!

“You want to carry that overflowing container of beads all the way across the lounge by yourself? Yes, ok.” (And I will help you pick up all the spilt beads!).

“Yes, you can get a book for your baby from the library.”

“Yes, you can fill your helter-skelter train track with beads.” (But you will have to put them away afterwards!)

And today – “Yes, you can play with the water outside in the garden.”

The key for me is considering ‘why not?’ If part of me wants to say ‘no’ because the request would be too messy or too much of a hassle, is that just me being selfish and putting my own comfort before allowing Annabelle to explore, discover and learn?

Annabelle loves playing with the water outside in the garden, and I have put away my fears that it is too dirty or cold, used a little common sense and said yes! We have several little pockets of rain water in the garden – on top of covered furniture, in old flower pots and on top of storage boxes. Annabelle has also taken to leaving out a little collection of watering cans and cups in the hope of collecting some rain! Obviously, rain water is not as ‘clean’ as tap water so we talked about this and how to keep safe – don’t drink it, don’t put your hands in your mouth, wash our hands when we go inside etc. Also the water is obviously cold because it is winter so we talked about this too – we won’t play out for too long, try not to get too wet, if you are wet we will go in and get dry clothes.

So with that, she set to some great discovery water play with scoops, stones, cups and watering cans! (And yes – I supervised closely without interrupting her play!!)

Winter Water Play

Watering the grass!

Winter Water Play

Transferring with spades.

Winter Water Play

Inspecting her rainwater ‘stash’!

I have many, many happy memories of playing for hours in my Grandad’s rainwater butts in his garden, and I wouldn’t want to deny Annabelle all that fun. Even if it means putting a couple more items in the wash, it is definitely worth it!

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