Christmas Moments 2012

This is our Christmas 2012, captured in some of our favorite little moments:


Last time we visited Lincoln we had some beautiful Autumn sunshine, but our December visit was decidedly chillier! We had a lovely time with family, and Annabelle was very impressed by the Christmas lights in the historic city centre.

Christmas in Lincoln

Family meal



We continued our travels to visit Grandma and Grandad in equally historic Stratford-upon-Avon (we pick our holiday spots well!) for some more family fun time.

Hotel biscuits!

Give her 2 minutes in any hotel room and she will find the biscuits!!

Taking Grandad to the park

Taking Grandad to the park.

Good swinging Grandad!

Good swinging Grandad!


Lovely Stratford

Lovely Stratford

Snuggled up warm to see the Christmas lights!

Snuggled up warm to see the Christmas lights!


Trafford Centre 

We visited the Trafford Centre for a little bit of shopping and lots of tree spotting!

Trafford Centre Singing tree

The singing Christmas tree!

Trafford Centre Lego tree

The HUGE Lego tree!

Trafford Centre singing bears!

Singing bears!

John Lewis snowman!

It’s the John Lewis snowman!

If you don’t recognise the snowman, you need to watch this advert (tissues ready!).


Christmas Eve!

Last day of Christmas countdown

Only 1 day left!

Christmas Eve train ride

Ready for a Christmas Eve train ride

Christmas train ride

Got my ticket, let’s go!

Christmas train ride

Whizzing off to winter wonderland!

Christmas train ride

Into the grotto


Christmas day

Christmas day pyjamas!

Santa brought me Gruffalo pyjamas!


Loving her new toys

This photo should really be a video, but for the purposes of reading the caption, imagine a heavy Yorkshire accent (not our accent, just adopted for this!) as Annabelle squeezes her doll so hard and says “oooooh, I luv ya!”

"Luv ya!"

And that was our Christmas 2012!

  1. David Sutherland.

    What a busy girl,all this travel and christmas and now the new year,glad of res.t

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