It has begun

We have started counting down – Christmas is definately on the way in our house!

I have seen some gorgeous Advent ideas for this year, and we will be making one of these Santa faces which need a cotton wool ball added each day to complete his beard in time for Christmas!  I also wanted something we could start a little earlier as Annabelle is all too aware that Christmas is on the way (just how did she learn to approach sparkly dresses in shops and announce “I might get one of these for Christmas.”??)

Here is our paper chain countdown – a lovely simple way to give children a very visual model of how long is left until Christmas (or any other event!) We used some store-bought paper chains because I hadn’t started any wrapping yet but we usually use wrapping paper scraps and ends for paper chains. I attached the end of the chain to a foam Christmas tree that Annabelle had decorated in a separate activity, and printed a sheet to write on. I laminated the sheet so that it can be written on with a whiteboard pen, and changed every day.

Christmad paper chain countdown

How many days?

Christmas paper chain countdown

A lot of days!

Every morning, Annabelle takes off the bottom chain (and dashes straight to the paper bin to recycle it!!) than we count how many links are left in the chain and change the number at the top. It has definitely given her some perspective over how long is left until Christmas rather than just hearing us say ‘soon’ or ‘next month’ etc.

christmas countdown paper chains

Carefully ripping the bottom link.

Other signs that Christmas is on the way in our house include – permanent traces of glitter in the carpet, the smell of cinnamon playdough, and a small person who wears her Santa hat at every opportunity! Bring on the magic and chaos!

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