Little Autumnal Moments

Helping Daddy

Dave was busy digging in the garden, and Annabelle pottered around collecting stones, twigs and leaves in her baskets. After a while, she stopped and watched Dave for a moment then dashed to her toy box – she came back with a plastic spade and announced “got a spade, going to help Daddy do some digging now. Dig, dig, dig!”

digging in the garden

The workers in the garden!


Wrapping up warm!

Annabelle has been thrilled about the return of hats, gloves, scarves and generally snuggling up warm. She even puts a hat on to wave goodbye to Dave in the mornings on the step! Here she is snuggled up at Heaton Park to feed the ducks.

wrapped up warm Heaton Park


wrapped up warm Heaton Park

We like this orange hat because it looks like a pumpkin!


Autumnal Soup

We have been warming up with yummy soup and rolls. We made this yummy roasted garlic and sweet potato soup from ‘Good to know’ and I remembered this recipe from Happy Hooligans for ‘dinner rolls‘ that I have been meaning to try for a while. Of course, Annabelle helped – especially kneading and knocking back the bread dough. After all that hard work, we really enjoyed our ‘oop’ and rolls. “Like oop Mummy, like dipping my bread in the oop!”

bread rolls

Yes, they have risen!

sweet potato soup

Just checking – yes, it’s good!


Making time to…

Stop and smell the roses

Stop and smell the roses!


Rainy day play date

A bit of rain isn’t going to stop Annabelle and Nathalie having fun! We met up at Daisy Nook country park to say Happy 2nd Birthday to Nathalie, but the heavens opened as we arrived so we didn’t venture very far in – we stayed near the sanctuary of the cafe and the girls played on this lovely wooden pirate ship play area. They loved walking over the ‘wobbly’ netted bridge and moving the sand around with the pulleys and buckets. Hopefully next time we can play somewhere a bit drier and warmer!!

daisy nook country park

Who’s that peeping through the portholes?!

daisy nook country park

This ship might just float away soon!

daisy nook country park

The ‘big girl’s table’!


A chilly Autumn picnic!

We love a picnic, but I think it will soon be time to retreat to the car for a ‘carnic’! We went over to Buxton Pavilion Gardens for a Sunday treat and the park was even more beautiful than usual with the lovely Autumn colours. We enjoyed our picnic watching the world go by and headed to the little train for a ride round the gardens. Annabelle spent some time in the playground then we retreated inside the pavilion to see the ‘local artisan’s bazar’ and warm up!

buxton pavilion gardens autumn

Never mind say cheese, I want to eat the cheese!

buxton pavillions market

In search of some warm treats!

I am sensing a definite chilly theme in all these little moments, feels like we are well on the way from Autumn to Winter!

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