Great big messy fun!

What to do on a dreary drizzly afternoon with a little time left before teatime? Our answer – some biiig painting! We stretched out a large piece of paper, chose some paints and got stuck in! It was nice for Annabelle to be able to stretch out and make some big gross motor movements after lots of little fine motor activities.

big art gross motor

We started off simply exploring different colours, the different shapes we could make, and the textures that different brushes create.

After a while Annabelle began painting ‘with purpose’, for example, telling me about a cat she saw in the garden that she wanted to paint. She told me that it had legs, ears, eyes and a tail. She also painted Daddy, Grandma and some of her toys!

“Just sorting out Mummy’s sunshine”

Brushes were fine for a while…but then it was time for Annabelle’s real passion – getting gloriously messy!

Hands in first

feet in the paint

Then feet!

feet in the paint

Who needs a brush?

feet in the paint

The aftermath bath!

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