Kitchen science

White vinegar, food colouring, bicarbonate of soda. So simple, so much fun!

This is one of those age-old kitchen cupboard science experiments that I have been looking forward to doing for a while. It was so simple to set up – I used a paint palette for the bicarbonate of soda, and glasses for the coloured vinegar. We used pippetes to drop the vinegar onto the bicarb.

The pipettes were great for fine motor control. I thought Annabelle might find them tricky, but she soon got the hang of how to pick up and drop the liquid back out. She was even able to squeeze out just one drop at a time.

We loved watching the bicarb fizz and the colours mix. We put plenty of powder in each section, so we just kept on adding more and more vinegar!

I’m sure we will come back to this in later years to learn about reactions and ‘sciency’ things, but for now we are just having fun watching the fizzing. There may well be a volcano on the horizon!

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