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I saw button art on Pinterest a while ago and fell in love with it instantly! Over summer, Sainsbury’s had a big sale on art and craft supplies so I bought a few canvases and decided to have a go! (Dave has since stocked me up with a huge pile of canvases and a rather large consignment of buttons – gotta love my shopaholic hubby!)


New button stash!

I wanted to use a hot glue gun to glue my buttons, so I waited for a quiet moment when Annabelle was at a settling in session with her new childminder. I know some people let little ones use glue guns, but I’m not that brave, especially after seeing my poor friend’s burnt finger sustained when using a glue gun!

I decided to start simple, with a rainbow coloured ‘A’ monogram for Annabelle’s room. I played arround in MS Word until I found a suitable font and size then cut out the letter and traced it faintly onto the canvas. I am yet to solve the ‘pencil line’ issue (some of the pencil lines could still be seen when finished) so I rubbed out the marks between the buttons this time. I have tried other techniques since, but some lines can still be seen. Maybe I need to use dots instead of a solid line? Gives me an excuse to make more button pictures and find out!

I sorted my buttons into our sorting tray (dipping platter!!) and started arranging them onto the canvas. Once I was happy with the rough arrangement, I got on with the the fun bit – glueing!

button art

Work in progress!

Button art A monogram


I am pretty pleased with the result considering it was my first time, and Annabelle is thrilled with her ‘A for Annabelle!’

  1. That looks fantastic! Any idea where your hubby got all the buttons? I can only find tiny packs at ridiculous prices locally.

    • Thank you 🙂 I got a lot of buttons from my local charity shop – they do packs of mixed buttons from clothes that they couldn’t sell for about 50p and sets of buttons for about 30p.

      I’ll find the link to the button shop and send it to you 😉

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