Ooh look what I found!

These are some of my school resources that have been lurking in the loft since I started maternity leave! I was having a little sort out, and rediscovered them, realising that now I can use all the activities and ideas at home for Annabelle! Without even knowing it, I had started my own little home-ed library!

I had forgotten how great these are!

My little books collection!

The ‘little books‘ collection are designed for Foundation Stage (age 3-5), but I had been teaching year 1 & 2 children before I finished so it was lovely to really rediscover them after a few years, like little treasures!

In my collection so far I have:

Little Book of Maths Activities
Little Book of Language Fun
Little Book of Colour, Shape and Number
Little Book of Living Things
Little Book of Phonics
Little Book of Parachute Play
Little Book of Christmas.

Each Little Book has a different author, and they are laid out slightly differently. For example, the Little Book of Maths Activities is organised by resource eg domino games, compare bear games etc. The Little Book of Phonics is organised alphabetically, with a list of words, activities, and songs relating to each letter.

Little Book of Phonics

I also found these fabulous song books:

Song books!

I sing songs and rhymes from these all the time, without really remembering where they came from in the first place. My favourites are ‘Three Tapping Teddies’ which starts off with a whispering tiny tapping teddy, and builds up to a shouting huge tapping teddy, and the shape songs from ‘Tom Thumb’s Musical Maths’.

These lovely books have definitely extended our ‘to do’ list!

  1. 😛 Can you give us the publishing , author etc details for those books – esp the last 2 – they look good.

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