Pom poms to pegs, bin men to bubbles…

…Just a standard week, here are our little highlights!

Pom Poms

Thanks to Sarah at Pyjama School for this lovely little idea. This is a Montessori activity, and the Montessori approach really appeals to me (I should probably read up on this a bit more!) The original activity on Pyjama School used baby puree trays, but we just used a selection of interesting bowls (I tried ice cube trays but the holes are too small!)

Got it!

Annabelle loved this (she loves any chance to get her hands on the kitchen equipment like Mummy!) and straight away she started using the tongs to transfer the pom-poms into the different bowls. She started two-handed but soon got the hang of using one hand. I showed her how to sort the pom-poms by size (she loved the tiny ones!) or by colour and she continued where I had started.

Colour sorting


Shoe shopping

This made me laugh so much! We were out shopping the other day and I spotted a sale in Clarks so we popped in. Annabelle was so excited she rushed straight to the children’s section, hopped up onto the sofa and looked for the “Lady” to “bring more shoes!” What a little shopaholic! She’s not spoilt, she just has fast growing feet, honest!

She carried these the whole way around the shops!


Magic bubbles!

Dave saw these on Amazon and got us some to try. The packet says they are ‘magic’ because they don’t pop, and you can catch them in the air. I was pretty skeptical, but they really are very cool! Although you can’t quite catch them in air, they definitely don’t pop as easily when they land on you or the ground. I even found some that had blown into the conservatory still there the next morning!

They survived the holly bushes!


Nothing beats a freebie!

I have been really lucky to receive some lovely freebies from The Green Parent Magazine after joining their reader panel. There was a message on their Facebook page asking for readers to join the panel, so I replied and got an email asking me to join, then the postie brought me these lovely goodies!


Annabelle loved the packaging!

The crimped purple paper packaging has gone straight into the craft stash!

Look out for my review in the September issue of The Green Parent Magazine.


Bin men!

It’s the summer holidays, and that means Mummy is home for bin day woo hoo! We were up and about early enough to watch the bin men from the drive this week! Annabelle loved watching them up close, and she was telling me how dirty and smelly the lorry was. The best bit was all the waves she got from the bin men themselves! If it was possible, this has made her even more enthusiastic about bin lorry spotting when we’re out and about!

Helping Mummy

Annabelle devised her own fine motor skills activity this week, whilst ‘helping’ me with the washing! She likes to play with the pegs as I put the washing out, and we usually play games matching the correct coloured pegs to the clothes, or counting out the pegs, but today she proudly announced “Annabelle doing pegs too, like Mummy!” I looked over and she had been putting pegs onto this little quilt! I asked her how she did it and she told me “just squeeze the handles like Mummy.”

By the time she had finished there were about six pegs, but I didn’t get chance for a photo before she whipped them off again!

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