A dog in a hat!

These are just a few highlights of our week.

Sunday afternoon bubbles! Dave spotted a bubble ‘kit’ in a shop on Saturday with various different wands and bubble apparatus. Annabelle has been desperate to try it out since, so with the sun shining over the garden on sunday we headed outside for some bubble fun.

Simple pleasures are the best! Annabelle loved wafting her hand through the bubbles, popping them, and just watching them drift away on the breeze.

An evening visit to the park. After Dave’s ‘interesting’ day at work on Wednesday, we both thought it would be good to get out for some fresh air before tea. It was a lovely evening – really sunny and bright and we all felt better after an hour in Brabyns park. We chased Annabelle along the grassy playing field, looked for squirrels in the trees along the lane, fed the ducks some stale bread, watched the tadpoles in the pond, and had a clamber about in the playground. Not bad for a Wednesday evening!

A dog in a hat!

This was the highlight of Annabelle’s day on Thursday! We saw this in a window display at our local retail park, and she was fascinated. Being a lover of ‘doggies, hats and eyes (glasses!)’ this model was bound to be a winner. We visited him a few times whilst shopping and Annabelle loved telling me that the doggy had a hat on, he has glasses on, he’s got a nose, it’s on the grass and doggies say woof.

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