Thank you cards

After being spoilt by friends and family with lots of lovely birthday goodies, it was time for us to make Annabelle some thank you cards! I knew I wanted to do something ‘crafty’ that Annabelle could get involved in, and we had some leftover paint still in pots from making salt dough shapes so the obvious solution was … handprints!

Lots of fun and about as easy as it gets! To create a nice effect, I painted different coloured dots straight onto Annabelle’s hand and swirled on some ‘pearl effect’ paint for a bit of glamour. I found it easiest to bring the card to Annabelle’s upturned hand rather than put her hand down onto on the card, then press firmly for a few seconds. She loved seeing the results and cheered ‘yeah!’ every time. Annabelle was very good at stretching out her fingers wide and then keeping them still on the card to prevent smudging. She was very pleased with the cards, and spent a long time having a close look at all the different designs.

To finish them off I simply wrote ‘Thank you!’ on the front and wrote messages inside. Dave had his gadget input and printed all the address labels with his label printer (but Dave’s love of labels is a whole other story!!!) and of course, Annabelle had the honour of posting them all this morning.

I hope everybody likes them!

  1. THese are so simple and pretty!

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