Annabelle is 2!!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful little girl!

I am feeling slightly sad that I was at work during the day, but at least we are lucky enough that when I work, Dave is able to work from home which means Annabelle is always with one of us. Anyway, I know she had a good day, and she is excited to tell anyone who will listen that she is “tooo!” (Whilst holding two fingers!)

We opened Annabelle’s presents in the evening as I leave for work pretty early in the morning. She got lots of money and ‘pretty dresses’ from our lovely friends and family, and I think the biggest hit from us was an ELC Happyland post office set and a big blue tractor. She has spent the evening happily pushing her tractor around and discovering which toys fit in the driver’s seat, and posting tiny ‘letters’ in her post box.

There is one present she is not so trilled with – her hoover! Annabelle isn’t a big fan of the real hoover, she tends to watch from afar when I am hoovering. She is happy to look at all the attachments and help put the cord away when it is switched off, but she really doesn’t like the noise. She loves helping with all the other housework so I thought having her own little hoover to potter around with would help. Obviously not yet!! When she took the wrapping paper off, I asked her if she wanted help to get it out of the box and she said “No!” Later, as Dave put batteries in, she kept telling us “No, hoov box. hoov box” (in other words, ‘put it away!) I joked to Dave that maybe it would be going back to the shop and Annabelle immediately agreed, saying “Box back shop. Box back shop!” Oh well, we’ll see if she gets used to it!

So Happy Birthday to our beautiful, funny, caring, determined, cheeky, independent, confident, dancing daughter! We hope we can give you a year full of your favourite things, and love you, laugh with you and learn with you every day. xxx

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