Happy Birthday Annabelle!

Is it really a year since I wrote about Annabelle’s second birthday?!

And what a year it has been! So much has changed,  but some things stayed the same – we still have a love of bins and recycling!. At three, Annabelle’s favourite things in the world are:

  • Mr Tumble,
  • Suzy (her doll),
  • Running in circles,
  • Spending hours patiently setting up little scenes with her small world figures or teddies,
  • Snuggling up with a babyccino to read lots and lots of books,
  • Helping make the bread (especially ‘reading’ the recipe and measuring the ingredients!)
  • Asking “Why, What, How?”
  • Eating fish pie,
  • Watching the bin men,
  • Playing with playdough,
  • Asking “Why?” some more,
  • Feeding the birds/ducks/snails/cheeky squirrels,
  • Having a bath!

And the things that this three year old is not so keen on:

  • Tidying up (where did my little obsessive tidier go?!)
  • Noisy hoovers,
  • Wearing too many clothes (I have a feeling that the warmer months may bring lots of nakedness!)
  • Courgettes (“No Mummy, don’t put those on my plate!”)

Happy Birthday beautiful girl…stay full of questions, stay full of spirit and energy, stay faithful to your love of reading…stay still and let me clean your messy face!!

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