Mummy, Dora needs some knickers!

Mummy has been busy crafting!

As soon as Annabelle was given Dora, she told me that she didn’t have any knickers on – and Grandma suggested that we should make her some (thanks Grandma!) Once Annabelle had the idea in her head she immediately began planning a whole wardrobe of clothes that Dora needs:


A nighty




Another dress!

This is how we got on! I don’t sew much other than buttons and hems so these are pretty basic! Annabelle chose the fabric for each item, and held Dora still while I drew around her.  I started simple with the all important knickers, nighty, swimsuit and trousers. With some lovely fabric donated by Annabelle’s other Grandma (who is really very clever at sewing) we were good to go!

dolls knickers

Granny pants!

dora doll knickers

Dora approves!

dolls dress


dora doll dress

Even managed some velcro!

The swimsuit and nighty have velcro on the back to keep them on, and I am planning to put some elastic in the top of the trousers. They need finishing with some pinking scissors, but I am pretty impressed with my first attempt at tiny dressmaking! Now…I just need to work out how to make the new shoes that Dora apparently needs now!



  1. See best toy ever. Ha ha. Xc 😉

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