Olympic Torch Relay

Sunday was a VERY early start for us! We were up at 6am (I don’t even get up that early for work!) to go and watch the Olympic Torch Relay pass through Stockport. At least we didn’t choose to watch it in Trafford where it started Sunday’s leg of the journey – it set off at 6.30am!

The torch was due in Stockport at 8.19am precisely so we headed into town to find a spot. We decided to watch from the town centre which was busy, but very lively, a great crowd for so early in the morning!

Early morning crowds!

Even the Police get excited!

Annabelle had her torch ready that we made earlier in the week. We used the inner tube from an empty roll of foil as it was nice and thick. She wrapped it in foil and plenty of glue, then we tore strips of tissue paper to make the flames. I had shown her a picture of the real torch so that she understood what we were making, and she was very impressed with her finished product, telling me “fire comes out here!”


Plenty of glue!

Wrap it up

Tear the tissue

Stick the flames on

We also took her Union Jack flag from Grandma’s party and she had a great time waving them and bashing me around the head several times!

Mummy whacking!

Ready to wave

The relay itself was great to see, and included quite a long convoy of official cars, busses and sponsor floats. At the back came the bus carrying the live footage film crew and at last… The torch bearer!

Here they come

Torch bearer’s bus

Samsung float

Lloyds TSB float

Random bus stuck in the middle of the convoy!!

Hi-fives for the Police bikes!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

The torch relay website gives details of all the torch bearers and why they have been chosen to represent their communities (although I couldn’t find either of the people we saw!). I love the fact that the torch itself has 8000 perforations to symbolise the 8000 ‘local heros’ that will carry it.

When it was all over, we went into Stockport where there were some stalls and a mini fair to see. We even saw ‘famous’ mancunian Terry Christian (Not Tony Christie as I nearly wrote!) promoting his radio show.

Biiiig teddy!

Two balloons!

Terry, not Tony

After all this, we realized it was still only 9am so Dave suggested going onto the next torch destination to have another look. We jumped into the car and set off for Ashton-under-Lyne. This time, we chose a quieter spot outside the town centre and although it was nice to have more space, it was a little more subdued than Stockport.

Here they come again!

Coca-Cola float

The Coke drummers

Samsung again

Torch sighting #2

There she goes!

At least when the next Olympic Games come around, and Annabelle is 6, we can tell her all about when she saw the torch!

  1. Looks like you all had a very good day,but i do hope you are not a Manchester city FAN now.

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