Shouting At The Viaduct

Shouting at the viaduct is one of our favourite things to do when we visit Reddish Vale Country Park! These pictures are all from some particularly wet days a few weeks ago (hence the wellies and thick coats!) and we found some fabulous puddles for stomping in!

Reddish Vale Puddles

Excellent Puddles!

Reddish Vale mud

Inspecting the mud!

Reddish vale is a lovely local country park to visit for some fresh air and a wander. We always feed the ducks and geese first at the resevoir, then head through a grassy (usually muddy!) field towards the viaduct. Apparently, the 27 arch viaduct that crosses Reddish Vale is one of the largest in Europe – but we just like waving to the trains passing overhead and shouting at the top of our voices under the arches! There isn’t exactly and echo, but Annabelle just loves hearing her voice amplified when she is underneath the arches!

Reddish Vale Viaduct

Under the gloomy arches!

Reddish Vale Viaduct

Shouting as loud as she can!

When we have finished our walks, we often head inside the visitor centre to dry off/warm up/cool down or just play! The visitor centre is divided into two areas – half is a café and information area, and the other half is just for children! Annabelle loves all the animal themed puzzles and stencils. There are plenty of magnifying glasses and natural objects to explore, a variety of artwork, and interactive materials – all for free!

Reddish Vale Visitor Centre

Designing flowers with shapes

Reddish Vale Visitor Centre

Animal puzzles

Reddish Vale Visitor Centre

Annabelle’s Viaduct!

Much as we moan about the cost of living, and cuts in local services it is nice to get outdoors and enjoy all of this for free!

  1. David Sutherland.

    What an artist Miss Annabelle is (just like her granddad )!!Love the photos.

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