Seaside town lullabies

It’s a strange title, but we have recently been taking part in Manchester Camerata’s ‘Seaside Town Lullabies’ project. This was a free 6 week project held at Stockport Art Gallery. Each week we went along and joined Emma and Amina from the Camerata to dance, sing and listen to music themed around ‘the seaside’. The inspiration for the project was Ian MacKay’s ‘Seaside Town’ exhibition at the gallery, and the sessions took place in a lovely airy space in the gallery surrounded by the seaside themed artwork!

Stockport’s moody skies!

stockport art gallery

Waiting to go inside

We have tried various music or singing sessions but this was really special, we didn’t just sing ‘Row Your Boat’, we sang it accompanied by a cello and a flute! We felt very special indeed! Over the 6 weeks, we learned a whole host of new songs and actions. We practiced moving at different speeds or in different ways depending on how the music changed. The children were introduced to concepts like keeping a beat, copying a rhythm, and identifying high or low sounds.

Manchester camerata stockport art gallery

Enjoying a spot of Handel

stockport art gallery

Busy dancing with scarves

Manchester camerata

‘Helping’ with the flute!

Manchester camerata

A budding musician?

Before these sessions, Annabelle enjoyed listening to songs and reciting them back, but she wasn’t interested in actually singing. Now, she sings EVERYTHING! She started using a ‘singing voice’ to sing her favourite songs such as ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’, then she began to sing songs she had learnt at the gallery. Now she is likely to be heard pottering around with her toys, singing merrily to them!

We had a great time at these sessions and Annabelle was always excited to go, she always remembered to take her bucket and spade to use as a drum! I would definately recommend any future projects to local friends, as long as you leave space for us!

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