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Great big messy fun!

feet in the paint

What to do on a dreary drizzly afternoon with a little time left before teatime? Our answer – some biiig painting! We stretched out a large piece of paper, chose some paints and got stuck in! It was nice for …

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Salt dough leaf prints – in a slightly pop art style!

This was an activity that I was really looking forward to from the start of Autumn and it lived up to expectations – Annabelle loved exploring her Autumn leaves and seeing the details in her prints. I got the inspiration …

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Handprint spiders

handprint spiders halloween crafts

Oooh it feels good to be back! We had several weeks where we couldn’t get any pictures uploaded to the computer, so I had to make do with pottering about on our Facebook page and Pinterest boards, but it wasn’t …

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One crafty day

One grey and wet day, we didn’t feel like venturing out, so we settled down at home to get crafty – very crafty! We had a rummage through Annabelle’s extensive craft supply and decided that we would make sun catchers, …

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Sensory sand finger paint

What on earth did we do before Pinterest was invented? I could happily spend hours trawling through all the gorgeous ideas for children’s activities, arts and crafts, and organisational ideas. Anyway, one day, this post by The Artful Parent popped …

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