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The Gingerbread Boy – Learning Through Eating!

Gingerbread folk

They say there are three ways to learn – by watching, listening, or touching; but this list is missing one important learning style – eating! Today was all about ‘The Gingerbread Boy’ for us so we looked at the book, …

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Little Autumnal Moments

daisy nook country park

Helping Daddy Dave was busy digging in the garden, and Annabelle pottered around collecting stones, twigs and leaves in her baskets. After a while, she stopped and watched Dave for a moment then dashed to her toy box – she …

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Tiny harvest

I have a confession – the inspiration for this was a happy meal toy. Yes we go to McDonalds occasionaly but no chips for Annabelle (waaay too salty!) just chicken nuggets, fruit bag and water. Ok, guilt over, on with …

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